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About HAMA Japan

In the last half century, the hotel industry evolved into a complex and dynamic business. The global expansion of hotel brands, ownership groups, and management companies, has led to a sophisticated operating environment. In lock-step with the globalization of hotel brands, on the ownership side, new investment models and financing methods emerged, resulting in an increased number and types of players in the hotel investment market. In addition to the traditional players, which primarily consisted of hotel companies and real estate investment companies, there has been much more activity with opportunity funds. These changes led to a more complicated landscape, creating greater demand for hotel investment management experts. These changes became the impetus of the hotel asset management profession, which led to the creation of Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA) in the United States.

In Japan, with the increase in hotel transactions since 2000, and the entrance of foreign investors into the market, the recognition of the value of the profession of hotel asset management increased. The 2008 global economic and real estate downturn had a significant impact on hotel investments, thus increasing the need for highly skilled hospitality asset managers to navigate the unchartered waters. Furthermore, this economic downturn and stagnation in hotel investment led to many hotel companies shifting their target markets from mature markets to developing markets, spreading competition among hotel brands to all parts of the globe.

In today’s environment where the hotel industry is becoming increasingly more and complex, the relatively new discipline of hospitality asset management, will continue to become increasingly important for investors in the lodging sector.

HAMA Japan represents the formal platform for professional Asset Managers to foster the exchange of best practices, trends, and experiences as the profession continues to mature. The HAMA Japan platform also supports the efforts to strengthen partnerships within the hotel management, lodging real estate, and finance industries.

The HAMA Japan Board

Yuji Tomoda, Tokyo Trust Capital


Taro Haneda, Ken Real Estate Lease

Vice President

Takeshi Naito, Japan REIT Advisors

Treasurer & Secretary

Sam Sakamura, Hyatt Japan

Treasurer & Secretary

Ken Ikeo, Flat Collaboration


Yasuhide Hosono, Ichigo Estate


Goki Akuzawa, GIC Japan


Anna Masatsuki, Sakia Hospitality


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